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18.12.2019, 18:00

From November 14 to December 29, the Ukraine WOW interactive exhibition is on display as a pilot event in a new art-space near the 14th railway track. To keep the authenticity organizers left the track and to make the space inclusive installed ramps and a special lift. The project was implemented with the support of Ukrzaliznytsia and PR agency GresTodorchuk.

Ukraine can only be ‘wow’ under one condition. If you’re – wow”, said Oleksandr Todorchuk, the partner of the agency.

The railway connects cities and towns, seas and mountains, people of all generations and professionsand, in fact, it’s the main value of the project. At first, the organizers planned to tell how it works and the further they step on rails, the greater were the desire to convey that the railroad isn’t just cars and machinists. These are people and their stories. This is the sky beyond the window: blue, gray, pink, the sky for every taste! These are the songs you listen to in your headphones and these are books that you read on the road. It’s the taste of tea, the aroma of wildflowers and a bunch of memories, and all of these things are important memorable moments. From the East to the West, from the North to the South  Ukraine is truly impressive.

Modern technologies combined with modern art allow the viewer to immerse in the beauty of the native land and transfer it to any place and time. From Ukraine now to Ukraine wow is just one dash in the letter, so let’s move! There are seven thematic zones ahead!


The first thing we notice is the sentimental installation with suitcases, as a symbol of a journey which starts when you are keeping your luggage. Right is the hyperbolized coupe design: we were all children and went somewhere for the first time. Here and now, we are small, and everything around is gigantic. Suitcases are brought, tea is brewed, bells are heard as we already left.

First acquaintance

… with our country. Its scents, landscapes, species and people. In this zone, our personal histories merge into a single narrative and infographic “if Ukraine were a train”. This is where the interactivity begins: visitors can listen to the noise of the Black Sea and how are singing the Ukrainian villages, feel the historical monument as you touch it, guess the cities in the photo and see the soil collection (there are more than 659 species in Ukraine in total!).

Soul talk

Our country can tell a lot: what nature has got and what it achieved. This area has several directions at once: blue “places”, pink “culture”, yellow “history” and black “economy”. They are arranged chronologically, intersect and allow you to create your own unique route. Virtual reality goggles, the Motherland monument design with the cinema room inside, 10 of 14 letters of Georgy Narbut’s alphabet, the amber wall, Kazimir Malevich’s last self-portrait and the first silver hryvnia.

“A Dream”

A fabulous space, a play of light, a futuristic fluorescent town, a pink carriage and the geometric world of sounds and pillows in it – click! click! click! Apparently, the most of selfies were made here than in any other area.

A relax moment that is delusional, whispering of the neighbors about sleeps, dreams and monotony, unobtrusive and therefore enjoyable. In fact, the dream is an intimate moment, so you can hide from everyone in the compartment, or you can join to a quiet conversation. Travel conversations are special.

 “A Stop

There are more than 40 yellow boxes in this area and for each of the doors you can find, in particular, a roof tile of Chernivtsi National University, a flooded village of Bakota, ingredients of Poltava borsch, a tunnel of love or a miniature of the Kiev railway station.

“The Delivery of a coupe

Bright installation is the heart of Ukraine, which beats faster when you get closer. The interesting games, the ability to make voice-over for cartoons and talk to each other in a “bunch of dating”: depending on the distance between you and the terms of communication. Ukraine WOW is not only about impressions, it is also an opportunity to learn a bunch of facts. Who among the Ukrainians received the Oscar? Do pink pelicans live in Ukraine? This time, delivering the coupe, we don’t lose anything, on the contrary we leave the coupe in several times richer than were before.

 “The Arrival

You are feeling: that’s not all. The train slows down, you grab your ticket, on which is a prediction or quote, than you go to the exit and know for sure: that’s not all. Ahead, there are plenty of trips, travel-conversations and travel-tea, travel-scenery by the window and travel-songs. You know for sure that the “travel” here is not a tautology or a lack of vocabulary, but a special space and condition.

So yes, that’s not all, because everything is still ahead.

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