“The Lyrical Works of Art from the Museum Collections” – paintings, graphic art and sculptures by classics and innovators of Ukrainian art

16.03.2019, 18:00

The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine has presented the exhibition “Lyrical works of art from the Museum Collections”. Among the represented exhibits one may find decorative and applied art, paintings, graphic art and sculptures by 65 Ukrainian masters of different art schools and directions.

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In four spacious halls you may find works by famous artists such as Mykola Babak, Valeriya Basanets, Tetyana Krasna, Adolf Lozi, Roman Selsky.

“I am very pleased to be among the lyrical paintings, graphic art and sculptures created by the talented artists of Ukraine. By and large, not only do I see here the majority of works by a mature generation of artists but also I cannot help noticing the works of art by young masters. I am interested in art, especially in the technique of close-up and distant picture, different storylines and human topics never failing to concern the artists such as the Man and the Woman, Love, Family and Country. For me the most impressive painting has been ‘The Lady Dancer’ as it was made with the use of only three colors – black, red and white. It is true that this exhibition inspires”, shares her impressions Anna, a visitor of the exhibition “The Lyrical Works of Art from the Museum Collections”.

Among the examples of decorative and applied art there are a ceramic composition ‘The Natives of Zakarpattia’ by Magdalina Belen and a hand-woven tapestry by Larisa Brovdi.

Among the graphic works of art on display there are ex-libris (decorative book elements) by Mykola Vaker and Gennadiy Garmyder. Also within the exhibition there are compositions by renowned graphic artists Anatoliy Burtovy, the connoisseur of historical themes, and Myhailo Deregus, a portraitist, landscapist and adherent of genre art. 

The sculpture ‘Hugs’ by Mykola Bilyk, the author of numerous Ukrainian cultural landmarks, crowns the museum collection. Among the artist’s works there are monuments to Prince Yaroslav the Wise near the Golden Gate, Archangel Michael and Princess Olga with the figures of Cyril, Methodius and Apostle Andrew the First-called.

“The exhibition titled ‘The Lyrical Works of Art from the Museum Collections’ was created exclusively from the museum assets. We wanted to create such a collection of artistic works to correspond the light spring awaking and inspire the visitors by evoking a lyrical mood. The impulse for establishing this collection was a desire to unite the artists from the mature period of creativity to the modern development of art. Therefore, within the framework of the exhibition, the classical and modern works of masters made in the oil painting technique are presented. The main value for us is that people coming here in order to enjoy art may acquire new knowledge about the masters of Ukraine both well-known and unknown”, tells Iryna Alekseyeva, the art expert of The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine.

The creativity of Ukrainian artists is multifaceted. Their works are kept in the world museums and private collections. The Ukrainian art is full of sincerity and love to one another, the world and Ukraine. So a lyrical trip to the magical world of beauty will find response in every concerned heart.

Official site: http://modern-museum.org.ua/


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