Art Mariia Starikova

Overview of the UCF «Reporting Project 2019»

10.12.2019, 18:00

Together with the M17center of modern art the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation has conducted a three-day «Reporting Project 2019». It is both a panel discussion and an exhibition part in particular.

Each exhibit is meant to attract the visitors to important topics requiring support and mass attention such as inclusive art, innovative product, culture and tourism and the regional features. Modern technologies and artistic techniques have been used to convey and reflect the context. As a result we see the new formats.

The online-resources can be divided into several groups covering various sectors of culture including virtual archives and museums, information websites, chat-bots, mobile applications, etc.

Directed at different audiences, the audio products help to make art accessible and promote it (audio recordings, audio guides, audiobooks).

The video direction includes creating scripts, treatments, teasers, working versions of TV movies or pilot versions ending up as TV series.

Among the editions can be books, comics, magazines, art-books – all of these were published thanks to the support of the UCF in terms of various programs covering 46 projects.

The Inclusive Art program aims at promoting cultural rights for people with disabilities seeking to overcome the barriers between them and the society. 

The VR-AR gives an opportunity to take a fresh look at the cultural heritage objects, updating the classical oeuvres and expanding the audience.

Overall the exhibition features works by such artists as Oleg Holosiy («Painting non-stop»), the legacy of Mykola Khvylyovy and the projects created with the support of UCF (Zelyonka SPACE UP). The participants and coordinators have dared to go beyond the possibilities and ideas in order to present their work in a vivid and appropriate way.

«It is quite a bizarre sensation to present a dance festival as an installation as a dance is normally related to dynamics and movement, while a fixed object is something completely different. For us the best option is a video, not a plain projection on the wall» – said Anton Ovchinnikov, a choreographer and the Zelyonka SPACE UP project coordinator. – «Since the theme of this year’s festival is «The Body of the City» and most of it is expressed in street performances, we have created an installation that is a reflection of the city and the mobile devices immersed in it. If you peep into some windows, you may have a chance to catch glimpses of the fragments of our performances».

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