Folk painting – the art created by soul

The national folk culture center “Ivan Gonchar Museum” has inaugurated a series of thematic exhibitions titled “The Favorites”, the purpose of which is familiarizing the visitors with the best examples of their repository collections. In terms of the event the project exhibition “Folk Painting” was launched. It presents the artefacts – exemplary samples of folk […]

The Orthodox icon and church relic exhibition

The Kherson Regional O.O. Shovkunenko Art Museum has presented the exhibition titled “The Orthodox icon and church relics” dedicated to the Day of the Apostles Peter and Paul celebrated on the 12th  of July. The exhibition presents the icon painting works of art ranging from the late 17th to the early 20th centuries from the […]

The divine light of paintings on glass of “The Road to the Temple” art project

The international art project “The Road to the Temple” which became the logical continuation of the Symposium “Painting on Glass” is currently on display at The Ukrainian Folk Decorative Art Museum. The exhibition is based on the paintings by participants of the 2nd International Painting Symposium on glasswork, which took place in 2018 in the […]

The Ukrainian icon of the Borysivka painting school has regained its shine

The first ‘Borysivka’ icons exhibition in Ukraine has been inaugurated at Ivan Honchar Museum. The Ukrainian icons presented here were made on the historical lands of Slobozhanshchyna in late 19th – early 20th centuries. At that time the Borysivka sloboda settlement was a powerful icon-painting center. The initiator of the exhibition was Hierodeacon Januarius, the […]