“Astronavigator” is an exhibition by the Ukrainian master of decorative art Vasyl Mizler

The Kyiv Triptych fine art gallery: the Global Arts Workshop has presented “Astronavigator”, a solo exhibition by the Ukrainian master Vasyl Mizler. Impressive in scale and compositional complexity, the author’s art works combine archaic and futuristic geometry, as well as stasis and dynamism. The ornaments could easily be imagined on both archeological findings and on […]

Opening of Oleksii And’s painting exhibition “EVOLUTIO”

The White World Center for Contemporary Art has inaugurated the opening of the “EVOLUTIO”exhibition by Ukrainian artist Oleksii And. The artist’s painting is characterized by “associative symbolism”organically combining the symbols deep energy with modern authorial innovations. “Everything is flowing, everything is changing”, wrote the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, noting that “one cannot enter the same […]

Overview of the exhibition of Alla Gorska “Heroine” dedicated to the International White Ribbon Day

The America House and White Ribbon Ukraine presented the exhibition dedicated to the famous Ukrainian artist Alla Gorska, which is timed to the White Ribbon Days as part of the worldwide action “16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence Towards Women and Girls” and the 90th Anniversary of the renowned human rights activist Alla Gorska. The project is […]

Opening of «The Removed» exhibition at the «Ukrainian House» National Center

The Ukrainian House has presented a profound social project by Alexander Chekmenyov  – a photo exhibition titled «The Removed» organized with the support of  the NGO «House of Mercy Kiev». It is one of the few Ukrainian organizations taking care of people in desperate situations providing them with temporary housing, food, clothing and helping to […]

Memorial Exhibition “Chile Rose. In memory of Mykhailo Hrytsyuk” at Art Center “The Chocolate House”

Art Center “The Chocolate House”, Kyiv National Art Gallery, has inaugurated the grand opening of the memorial exhibition “Chile Rose. In memory of Mykhailo Hrytsyuk”. The project is dedicated to two anniversary dates. The first is the 90th birth anniversary and the 40th death anniversary by the famous Ukrainian artist, the representative of sixties and […]

The Exhibition “New York – Ilovaysk: The Choice. A tribute to Markian Paslavsky” in the Ukrainian Diaspora Museum

What can I say about the person due to whom you are alive? This happened in the settlement of Maryinka on one of temporary military bases and Markian said the following words: “Guys, don’t be heroes, just do what you have to do”. However, he died like a hero while covering the withdrawal of the […]

The Voices Worth Hearing

The National Holodomor Genocide Museum has presented the exhibition “The Voices from Overseas”. The exhibition project is a tribute to memories of Holodomor by the Australian citizens of Ukrainian origin for whom “Life is the greatest value”. Via photos and memories presented as letters, the exhibition “Voices from Overseas” tells personal stories of twenty-one people […]

“Museum collection. Fedor Zakharov. A tribute to the artist’s 100th birthday” is a unique exhibition of the renowned master’s of landscape at the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine

The Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine has presented the exhibition dedicated to the renowned master’s of landscape Fedor Zakharov. The exposition is titled symbolically “Museum collection. Fedor Zakharov. A tribute to the artist’s 100th birthday ”. The museum collection includes 65 works of art by Fedor Zakharov, the Honored Artist of the USSR, the People’s Artist […]

“Implication” – the exhibition of paintings by Hanna Kryvolap

The Museum of History of the City of Kyiv became a venue of inauguration of the exhibition of paintings by Ukrainian artist Hanna Kryvolap titled “Implication”. The paintings adorning the halls may arouse interest in the artist’s peculiar style similar to ancient Byzantine painting. The author’s oeuvre is characterized by expressive lines, mosaics, stylization and […]

The “Atlas of human anatomy” exhibition by Anastasiia Podervianska

Voloshyn Gallery has hosted the opening of a personal exhibition “Atlas of human anatomy” by Ukrainian artist Anastasiia Podervianska. The exposition encompasses new series of textile objects and applications, where the author explores the human body as a construct. In artistic works the artist uses the traditional women’s crafts: embroidery and sewing. “The current technology […]

Exhibitions “Patchwork – a spacious road to life” and “The Flower Language” in The center of Ukrainian Culture and Art

The center of Ukrainian Culture and Art has presented the exhibitions “Patchwork – a spacious road to life”, the author of which is the Ukrainian artist Renata Genina, as well as “The Flower Language” which includes works by Ukrainian craftswoman Natalia Topchy and her students. Over 70 works are displayed for visitors’ attention within the […]

Exhibition “The Freedom Factor”: Mazepa, Petlyura and Bandera in social networks

On occasion of the Independence Day the Kyiv thoroughfare Khreshchatyk hosted the inauguration of the exhibition “The Freedom Factor” organized by the Ukrainian National Memory Institute and the Center for the Ukrainian Liberation Movement Research. This is an interactive story about Ivan Mazepa, Simon Petlyura and Stepan Bandera whose names have become symbolic for the […]