TV series to be released in January 2020

There has come a truly hygge time with cozy evening teatime and refreshing morning coffee breaks. Winter seems to have been created for you to watch a lovely TV series snugly wrapped in a warm blanket while peeling tangerines and enjoying yourself. Fortunately, January has turned out to be rich in exciting film premieres. «Spinning […]

“VUFKU. Lost & Found”: The Museum of Cinema exhibition at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center

See for yourself the Ukrainian “Hollywood” films. “VUFKU. Lost & Found” exhibition includes rare film footage, newsreels, animation and sound effects. That is a reality now in the new Multimedia Museum of Cinema at the Oleksandr Dovzhenko National Center. Video: Halyna Kapustynska 

Documentary exhibition “The OIFF Diary” in terms of the Odessa International Film Festival 2019

The Invogue#Art gallery has presented a documentary exhibition “The OIFF Diary” on occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Odessa International Film Festival. The exposition in the modern form includes historical artifacts. Here the viewers may see ups and downs of the event as well as its historical moments. Moreover, they have a chance to […]

“Dance” is an exhibition of paintings by the theatrical designer Tetiana Voloshynova

Dance  is your pulse,    Your heartbeat,    Your breath,    The energy of life since its very beginning.     When words are not needed,    When images come alive,    When elements are born –    The element of Earth,    The element of water    He,    She,    Eternal dance.   Tetiana […]